‘World War Z’ and Island Green Tea (June 12, 2013)


This book was so much better than I thought that it would be!  I got this book for my brother for his birthday a few months ago.  This seemed like the kind of book that my brother would love, but unfortunately he never ended up reading it.  When he finally got home for summer I tried to snatch it up, but my sister got to it before me.  When she finally finished it, I was able to start reading!  ‘World War Z’ was a much better book than I had anticipated it being.  My sister read it before I did, and she did not really care for it, so my hopes were not very high going in.  Once I had finally begun reading though, I knew that I was going to love this book!  It combined almost all of my favorite things!  It combined aviation, military tactics, geography (especially medical geography), ecology, politics, anthropology, history, and great story telling.  It was awesome!

This story is formatted as a series of interviews from people who personally experienced the zombie apocalypse. ‘ World War Z’ was more than just a collection of stories though.  The stories were formatted so that each phase of the zombie apocalypse was explained through the perspective of a multitude of people.  This provided a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of humanity during the zombie apocalypse.  This is where the book really stood out. There were stories from every imaginable perspective.  There were stories from people in every part of the world, stories from researchers in Antarctica, researchers on the International Space Station, workers on submarines, and so many more.  The breadth of perspective was amazing.  It was also very impressive how well researched all of the stories were.  The stories contained lots of information about current political and environmental events and situations.  One thing that really stood out to me was the focus on aviation.  Because I am working at an aviation based summer camp this summer, anything remotely aviation related jumps out at me.  Several of the stories written in ‘World War Z’ were written about aviation and aircraft carriers, and they were VERY detailed.  I was thoroughly impressed with the depth of the background in this book.

I do have a few critiques though.  One was that the insane depth of detail would certainly scare people away.  This is part of the reason why my sister never finished it.  There is also a certain point in the book where you get a little overwhelmed with the depressing topic of the book.  I know that there were several times in the book where it was just a little too grim for me.  The ending works this out though… to an extent.  Even though there are several things a little bit wrong with this book, I would definitely recommend it!  Once again, this book is not for everyone, but there is a large market for a book this exciting and this detailed.  All in all, I really liked this book.

And now for the tea!

I received several samples of tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation back in February.  I have been slowly working my way through them, and they are very good!  The Charleston Tea Plantation has something going for it that is not very common with tea… IT IS GROWN IN THE U.S.A!  The Charleston Tea Plantation is in Charleston, South Carolina.  The climate there is perfect for growing tea.  So far I have tried the Governor Gray tea, the Plantation Peach, and now the Island Green.  The Governor Gray and Plantation Peach were fantastic! The black tea base was very good, and the flavoring was phenomenal!  This was the Island Green though, and I was a little less crazy about this than about the black teas.  The green tea was pretty good as far as green teas go. It was nice and grassy, and had a very nice texture.  There was nothing super spectacular about this tea though. It was just a good green tea.  The reason that the black teas were so much better was because they were flavored teas, and the flavoring was amazing!  Overall, I would probably not reorder the Island Green tea, but I will definitely consider ordering the Governor Gray and Plantation Peach teas!

That’s all for now folks!



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