OVERWHELMED and a nice cuppa Kukicha (May 27, 2013)


So this summer I started a new job.  I am working at a summer camp, but it is not just any summer camp, a nerd summer camp! The camp that I work at focuses a lot on aviation and survival.  Training for this camp was INTENSE!!!  Training lasted for two weeks. These weeks consisted of 6, 12-15 hour days, and I learned so much!  Going into this summer, I never would have been able to tell you about the difference between subsonic and supersonic planes, or what variable wing geometry is.  I have learned so much this summer and for that I am truly blessed! Ask me about the history of air combat, or modern air systems, or the principles of flight, or land survival, and I will now be able to answer you!  Many of the other counselors are pilots or aerospace engineers and the like, so I was a little far behind when it came to memorizing everything about aviation! Even now I am a little hesitant when I have to give one of the aviation briefings, but I am working on that.  I am infinitely more comfortable with the land survival briefings though!

This picture was from the weekend before teach backs.  What we had to do was memorize all of the aviation briefings and be able to teach them to our trainers.  That was a rough weekend!  We did not know which briefing we were going to have to teach back, so that was a busy weekend of memorizing aircraft facts.  When I got to work on Monday, I found out that I had to do the briefing on the F-14 and F-16.  This was the one that I felt the least comfortable with.  I was really hoping that I would get to do the history of air combat.  I am a history nerd, and that is the one that I liked the most! I ended up passing the briefing though, so that was good!  All of my studying finally paid off!

And now for the tea, a nice cup of Kukicha.  I got this tea from one of my best friends a while ago as a birthday present.  I really lucked out when I started getting into tea, because one of my best friends also got into tea with me!  Now we always get each other tea related gifts for every birthday, Christmas, and any other major gift giving holidays.  Kukicha tea is typically made from the stems of the tea plant rather than the leaves, which gives it a bit of a different flavor.  The Kukicha that I have is from Adiago teas.  It has a very toasty, grassy taste, and is mildly sweet as well.   This tea was a refreshing break from the types of tea that I regularly drink.  The majority of my tea collection is flavored teas, especially flavored black teas.  On top of this, most of my flavored black teas are desert teas, so it is very refreshing when I can make a slightly more savory cup of tea.  That is what I really love about tea.  I love the fact that I can have dozens of types of teas and they all taste completely different!  There is a tea for every mood and for every person.  You just have to keep trying teas until you find the one that works the best for you!

Well enough of that for now!



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