Tea and Books!

Hello again!

After my short introduction, I figured that I would go ahead and start off my blog with a project! Eventually I will get around to describing myself and letting people know who I really am and all that jazz, but to put that into one specific post seems quite forced.  I figure that if I start this project, then I will have a way to show who I am and what I am interested in without making this post feel like a dating profile… because that would be awkward.

Now back to the project!

This project I call ‘Tea and Books!’  It was an idea that I had at the beginning of summer when I had lots of free time to read and drink tea.  I decided that I would take a picture of what I was reading along with my glass of tea, the write a little synopsis/review to go along with each picture.  This project actually started off really well! I was averaging two books and some magazines a week and all was right with the world.  Of course, life quickly intervened and I ran out of time to do anything except for work, but that is OK because I love my job!  Thankfully I have finally figured out a workable schedule, and should be on track to do at least a couple Tea and Books! posts per week.  Before I start doing them regularly though, I need to post the pictures that I have already taken, along with a review of the tea and the book.  I think this is just going to be so much fun!

See you on the other side!



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