Classic Apple Pie Tea and ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ (May 12, 2013)



The Ultimate American Combo!

‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ was actually a pretty fun book!  It is written as though it is a biography of Abraham Lincoln, if Abraham Lincoln’s life was a perfect mix of politics and vampires.  The book was very entertaining, and it kind of made the Civil War make sense!  Who knew!  I really love Abraham Lincoln and horror stories, so reading this book was a no brainer.  ‘Lincoln’ is by far my favorite movie that has come out in the past year or two, and ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer’ was pretty good as well! Luckily I happened across this book at a huge sale at Books-A-Million, and I had to grab it.  I would say that it was a great $3 investment! This book is not for everyone though.  It was a little slow in some places, and sometimes the character development was lacking and the plot was just downright silly!  But what else could you expect from a book about Abraham Lincoln hunting vampire.  I would definitely recommend it to someone just looking for a fun summer read though!  

So as I was reading ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,’ I was having a very hard time deciding on a tea.  I have around fifty different types of tea, so this is often a major dilemma for me. I eventually decided on the Classic Apple Pie blend from Della Terra Teas.  I am a huge fan of Della Terra Teas.  They have some FANTASTIC dessert teas!  I actually won two free ounces of the Classic Apple Pie tea in a giveaway back in February, and now I am almost out!  It is so good!  The base black tea is great.  I have not managed to over-steep the tea to the point where it gets bitter yet, and that is quite a feat for me!  This tea is also capable of being re-steeped without getting too bitter or losing too much flavor.  The flavor blend is phenomenal as well!  The dry tea is very pretty.  You can see little pieces of apple and different spices in with a beautiful base.  Upon opening the package, the first thing I noticed is that the tea smells EXACTLY like apple pie.  It is kind of amazing!  I like to drink this tea with a splash of milk and a little bit of honey.  That is when this tea really tastes like apple pie to me!  I love this tea and will definitely be reordering it when I run out!  

This was a very fun, summer combination.  Something about drinking Apple Pie tea while reading about the American hero, Abraham Lincoln, just felt right.  It felt American!  I was a great way to start off the summer!




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